pop means cuddle 2.01 – nerd music

Show 2.01
Time: 26:21

marc. with a c. and Ryan Price kick off Season 2 of Pop Means Cuddle with a decided focus on Nerd Music. We discuss Nerdapalooza, Dr. Demento, Pandora, our Wikipedia project, and our show.


  1. Sudden Death – Cellular Degeneration
  2. James Kochalka Superstar – Monkey vs. Robot
  3. Nerdy Girl – Nerdy Girl


pop means cuddle – episode 06

Show 06
Time: 42:09

Marc and Ryan talk about Victor Lams and mixtapes, Ken Nordine, lo-fi is sci-fi, Radiohead’s music-industry-squashing album, BitTorrent, WeePop! packaging, Bunny Grunt, the best Pink Floyd live DVD with David Bowie, Facebook and Randi Zuckerberg.


  1. Professor Whimsy – Robot Love
  2. Jens Lekman – The Opposite of Hallelujah
  3. BunnyGrunt – 1000% Not Creepy
  4. jellybean! – Lean Like a Cholo


pop means cuddle – episode 05 – mimi and flo

Show 05
Time: 45:37

The Mimi and Flo Show is our interview today (Hannah, Frances, and Jeff from NYC). Marc and Ryan also talk about HugNation, Kanye West vs. 50 Cent, Turbo Girls, Britney Spears on the Video Music Awards, Choose Your Own Adventure Video Podcasts, Internet TV, Pretty Little Mistakes, Buns and Chou Chou, and local favorite Mumpsy.


  1. The Black Lips – Cold Hands
  2. Mumpsy – Cat & Canary
  3. Dream Bitches – Other People’s Mothers


pop means cuddle – episode 04

Show 04
Time: 48:29

Marc and Ryan gather to talk about pop culture and share some music tracks with you. Lost Season 3, new iPod Touch, Mimi and Flo, Steve Garron, Cartoon Porn, Deep Throat II are a few of the topics we hit on.


  1. Red Pony Clock – The Hardest Half
  2. Mimi and Flo – Same Dude
  3. Precious – Seville Complex
  4. P. Vert – Stickball


pop means cuddle – episode 03

Show 03
Time: 37:54

Marc and Ryan gather to talk about pop culture and share some music tracks with you. Van Halen’s reunion, Niel Gaiman’s Stardust, books adapted to film, WeePOP’s latest releases, Skype’s unscheduled outage, the iTunes blog widget and DRM-free tracks,


  1. Paul Stanley – Love Gun Stage Banter
  2. Desmond Reed – Neat
  3. The Dezurik / Cackle Sisters – Old Dan Tucker


pop means cuddle – episode 02 – jellybean!

Show 02
Time: 44:30

Marc and Ryan interview jellybean! Then they gather to talk about pop culture and share some music tracks with you. This week’s show brings you topics like Donna Lynn, past exploits on The Zanzibar Lounge, how Marc’s brain got so full and his personal vision for the reality TV show Hell’s Kitchen.


  1. Donna Lynn – That’s Me I’m the Brother
  2. jellybean! – Ignition (the remix)
  3. jellybean! – That Bitch Ruined 6th Grade
  4. McCarthy Trenching – XXX


pop means cuddle – episode 01

Show 01
Time: 50:32

Marc and Ryan gather to talk about pop culture and share some music tracks with you. This first episode touches on artists like Jellybean!, The Capstan Shafts, Robert Pollard as well as ruminations on Flight Of The Conchords, WeePOP records and The Simpsons. We play some really fun songs for you, and we think you’ll really enjoy the show.


  1. Capstan Shafts – Going by Martian Years Now
  2. jellybean! – Thong Song
  3. Roadside Poppies – Just Another Love Song
  4. The Takeovers – My Will


Grandma’s Scrap Meet

Though there’s no mention of it on the Grandma Party page, I know this to be true because I picked up a flier last night at Stardust. My favorite outdoor event in Orlando is growing. The Grandma Party is something I had the privilege of getting involved with in its second incarnation in April of 2006 for Earth Day. Since then, I’ve followed the event and tried to post updates related to the event as often as possible. Here’s the event info:

Granny’s Sunday Nite Scrap Meet
Sunday, July 15th, 7:00 PM
“bring in all your old/unwanted fabric and art supplies and trade ’em in something new (well, new to you!)”

The flier says you’ll be able to bring in your scraps and craft supplies a bit earlier to add to the pile. Interesting upon interesting is that Stardust sells hard liquor now… who’d have thought that would happen? Pretty cool, though.

I hope that events like Granny’s Scrap Meet mean that we’ll be seeing more out of Casey and the Grandma Party crew as time goes on. I’m a big supporter of anything this group does. The spirit, the people, the quality goods for sale and the community support have been really fantastic surrounding this event. They really have all the ingredients to help make the Orlando DIY community something special.

Beer Bomb Bus Tour 2

The Beer Bomb of the Month MySpace is normally the place where you learn about local beer bomb recipes and a downtown pub crawl on bicycles with a beer bomb and a little food at each stop. Now witness what happens when you get several local bars and a microbrewery’s bus involved.

From Redlight Redlight’s MySpace:

June, 24 2007 at Beer Bomb Bus Tour 2
Starting @ redlight redlight
535 W. New England Ave, Winter Park, Florida 32789
Cost : $45

Beer Bomb Bus Tour number 2 is happening June 24th, meeting at Redlight Redlight at 2 p.m. Four Towns, four beer classes, lots of quality time on the Shipyard Bus as we explore central Florida. Tickets are $45 and are on sale at Redlight Redlight.

From Beer Bomb of the Month’s blog:

The last one was a huge success. This is a road trip, a set of beer classes, and a bar crawl all in one. Here are the details for the next Bus tour.

1 pm Bus leaves Orlando from Redlight Redlight in Winter Park. Get there early if you wish to have pre-board beer at the bar. Everyone boards The Shipyard Bus at 1 sharp. Aboard the bus, we will enjoy a couple of Shipyard products.

1:40 Maggies Attic in Mt. Dora

Great little place tucked in the middle of beautiful Mt. Dora. Jerome, resident beer enthusiast, will be discussing his favorite Unique Beer selection.

3:00 The Abbey in Deland

This was the last stop on the last tour, so things were getting a bit silly. So we moved it up in the lineup to bettter showcase this Beer Mecca. Todd, the local beer expert, has some great beer geek surprises for us there.

4:20 Tir Na Nog in Daytona Beach

Bill has been fighting the good fight in Daytona for quite some time. His bar has been the place to go to get quality beer in that area forever. He will be discussing a beer he feels strongly about and I’m sure it’ll be a good one.

5:30 Sanford Wine Company

Ken and Matt took such great care of us there last time we just had to go again. Great little wine and beer stop in the heart of Sanford . . .

then back to Mt. Dora and Orlando.

$45 gets you a seat on the bus, your first featured beer at each stop, as well as beers on the Shiyard Bus. There will also be some food at some of the stops. Tickets are on sale at Redlight Redlight in Winter Park and Maggies Attic in Mt. Dora and are very limited.

p.s. this is not a puke fest bar crawl, this is a tour of great beer bars geared for people who can appreciate and handle great and big beers . . . thanks.

Heronymus Returns: June 2nd, Orlando REP

Heronymus reunites after 9 years apart. Ache with nostalgia as the memories come flooding back. Thrill in horror as Tim throws a tantrum a decade in the making. Who will have all their hair? Where in gods name is Jaime Gonzales? Brought to you by Rickshaw Boy. Tickets available on-line

June 2nd, 2007 @ Orlando REP, 7PM – 12AM, 1001 E Princeton St, 32803
Buy Tickets 212-828-4444

There’s not enough time to tell you the legend of Heronymus. Here’s the text from the MySpace:

From early 1996 to the Summer of 1998 Heronymus was a dynamic musical force in Central Florida. After releasing a cassette E.P. and an independent full-length album, numerous live shows including multiple appearances headlining the House of Blues, and a limited-edition compilation of live material, the band had a sudden and unexpected breakup.

Founded in 1994 by Rob Houle and Timothy Williams the band that would be Heronymus began as a three piece called Praxus. Gaining a cult following through the University of Central Florida theater department in Orlando, Florida, Praxus played living rooms around the East Side of Orlando for over half a year. Joshua Chiet replaced Mike Marinaccio on bass guitar in 1995, and the new threesome of Houle, Williams, and Chiet went in search of a drummer. Matt Brown was added to the lineup along with his brother Jon Brown on trumpet and Dan Boissy on saxophone. Heronymus was born, and played their first gig in the Spring of 1996. Orlando gigs included The Sapphire Supper Club (The Social), Johnny’s Rockin’ Bistro, Barbarella, Junkyard, The Go Lounge, and more. An self-titled album was recorded and released on Icarus Records at this time and sold at shows alongside the eponymous Red Tape, a demo cassette containing four prototypical tracks. Shortly thereafter the Brown brothers exited the band when creative differences drove a wedge between them and lead singer Williams. Drummer Agustin Frederic and trombonist Jaime Gonzalez were brought on board to round out the familiar Heronymus sound of 1997 and ’98. It was during this year and a half that Heronymus gained an ever-increasing fan base by playing in San Fernandina Beach, Gainesville, Tavares, Lakeland, Clearwater, and Orlando. A limited-release live recording was made by Joshua Chiet From their House of Blues shows. Titled The Romance Is Over, the collection was so named because it was passed around after Heronymus had called it quits.

With plans in the works for a South Eastern US tour, and having just taken on a second guitar player, BJ Belavik, who was to play only one gig at Barbarella in Orlando, Timothy Williams dropped out of the band. The members of Heronymus went their separate ways, bringing their experiences to a host of creative musical endeavors. A studio album with the classic line-up was never recorded. The Cowboy Song Cycle and accompanying animated film for live performance was left unfinished.

Heronymus remained only in the hearts and minds of its dedicated fans, until underground rumblings in early 2007 started to point towards a reunion. That reunion is now confirmed for June 2nd, 2007 in Orlando, FL at the Orlando Rep’s Universal Theater! Tickets are on sale now online at https://www.smarttix.com/show.aspx?showCode=HER5

The members of Heronymus are all excited to rejoin for one evening of music and madness. All are invited to witness this code of silence 9 years in the breaking.